With $5,300,000 on the desk, this bomb of a poker hand went down.

The one was performed by Nik Airball and Wesley, two common gamers on the Hustler On line casino Stay stream with very deep pockets seeking to gamble it up!

The blinds are $100/$200/$400 with a $200 massive blind ante. The efficient stack between the 2 is roughly $800,000, that means they’re taking part in 2,000 blinds deep with the straddle on.

With none additional ado, let’s dive into the motion!

Preflop Motion

Airball opens the motion with a $1,000 elevate on the Button with . Wesley calls within the Straddle with .

Preflop Evaluation

There’s a key preflop word I’ve to speak about first: the straddle and Large Blind ante primarily cancel one another out. The previous forces tighter play from the Button (as a result of there’s an additional participant to get by way of) whereas the latter incentivizes looser play (as a result of there’s an additional $200 within the pot).

So, Airball ought to most likely elevate with across the high 40-50% of arms (a typical Button vary) on this spot.

4-Three suited is true there on the backside of this 40-50% vary, so it’s a high quality elevate. His elevate dimension (2.5x) can be good, placing sufficient strain on the Large Blind and straddle’s middling arms.

Within the straddle, Wesley ought to look to defend with a variety of arms given the pot odds that he’s getting. He has to name $600 to win $1,900, which is best than 3-to-1 odds. He ought to proceed each by 3-betting (with across the high 13% of arms) and calling (with the subsequent 50% of greatest arms).

Wesley has a robust hand with Ace-Two suited and actually can’t go mistaken both means. His name is sweet, however mixing in 3-bets with this hand would even be high quality.

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Flop Motion

The flop comes and the pot is $2,500.

Wesley ( ) checks. Airball ( ) bets $1,000. Wesley check-raises to $7,000. Airball calls.

Flop Evaluation

This flop favors Airball’s vary, which isn’t uncommon provided that he has the stronger preflop vary entering into. The three broadway playing cards work together higher along with his vary provided that Wesley must be 3-betting with a whole lot of the strongest broadway playing cards.

Having mentioned that, Wesley ought to have the nut advantage on this board (i.e. he has extra flushes in his vary) which counteracts the impact of the general vary benefit.

Given these two components, Airball ought to make use of a considerably aggressive c-betting technique utilizing small bets with the intention to extract worth and pressure Wesley to fast-play his flopped flushes.

Again to Wesley now who flopped the stone-cold nuts. He must be seeking to check-raise right here, particularly provided that they’re taking part in tremendous deep which incentivizes him to start out constructing the pot ASAP.

The dimensions Wesley used, although, just isn’t optimum. This massive dimension will trigger him to lose motion towards a whole lot of a lot weaker arms that will in any other case name. Arms equivalent to AK, KQ, AJ, QQ, Ax with a weak flush draw, Qx, and comparable arms can think about folding vs this massive dimension.

That mentioned, perhaps Wesley has cause for sizing up right here towards this opponent.

Dealing with such an enormous elevate, no hand in Airball’s vary needs to 3-bet since his strongest arms have Wesley lifeless. He ought to look to proceed with a decent vary, made up of sturdy arms equivalent to two pair or higher and nut flush draws. His low flush is a particular +EV (expected value) name.

Flip Motion

The flip comes the , making the board . The pot is $16,500.

Wesley bets $30,000 with the nut flush. Airball calls along with his low flush. 

Flip Evaluation

The flip doesn’t change the scenario in any significant means. That is nonetheless a “sturdy arms solely” spot — Wesley can solely have a flush or a bluff and Airball can solely have two pair+ or the nut flush draw. The flip doesn’t change the distribution of those arms for both participant.

As soon as Wesley began with such a polarizing technique, he ought to proceed betting a dimension that is smart for a polarized vary on the flip, aka an overbet. The technique is fairly easy right here: He needs to guess very massive with nut flushes and nut flush attracts. The objective right here is to place Airball in a really powerful spot along with his two pairs and straights that don’t block any flushes.

Airball shouldn’t be loving life, even with a flush, given the heavy motion that he’s dealing with. However Airball’s hand continues to be too sturdy of a hand to fold simply but. He must be seeking to proceed solely with very sturdy arms equivalent to flushes, and straights.

Effectively performed by each gamers on the flip.

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River Motion

The river comes the , making the board  . The pot is $76,500.

Wesley bets $200,000.

River Evaluation

The river doesn’t change any of the ranges, so the scenario stays the identical. Wesley ought to have both the nut flush or the nut flush blocker and Airball is caught with a bluff catcher.

In this sort of state of affairs, very massive bets are the optimum strategy to go in Wesley’s sneakers. An overbet permits him to extract most worth out of his nut flushes.

That is pretty esoteric, however price mentioning: Provided that Airball may have the straight flush with , Wesley can’t shove for worth as he’d run into it too usually provided that the stacks are so deep.

However Wesley can nonetheless go for round 200-300% of the pot to maximise worth towards the decrease flushes. And that’s precisely what he does along with his 250% pot-sized guess.

What Airball must do right here is to estimate whether or not or not Wesley could have a bluff at a excessive sufficient frequency to make a name +EV. Based mostly on his pot odds, he must win greater than 42% of the time when he calls. Thus, he wants to determine if Wesley’s betting vary comprises greater than 42% bluffs.

It’s arduous to say what he ought to do in idea right here since this line is rarely taken (bear in mind, the flop elevate ought to’ve been a lot smaller). Regardless, this hand is shut between calling and folding.


Airball calls. Wesley scoops the $476,500 pot along with his Ace-high flush/

Remaining Ideas

An superior hand and an superior recreation total. Attributable to how deep these two guys had been taking part in, we received to witness a fully enormous sum of money swinging from one particular person to the subsequent. General, each gamers took first rate strains. There was no massive blunder made, not less than from a theoretical perspective.

One may argue that Wesley merely received’t be bluffing usually sufficient on the river for Airball to justify a name. However perhaps he’s.

Do you assume Wesley bluffs this river usually sufficient for Airball to name profitably?

Let me know within the feedback under.

That’s all for this breakdown! In the event you’d like me to research one other hand, depart a hyperlink under and I’ll test it out!

Until’ subsequent time, good luck, grinders!

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Flopped Flush vs Flush in Excessive Stakes Poker Sport ($476,500 Pot Evaluation)

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