Holdem Manager – Online Poker Player Stats Tracking , HUD

Holdem Manager - Online Poker Player Stats Tracking , HUDHoldem Manager - Online Poker Player Stats Tracking , HUD

Holdem Manager 3 Features

Holdem Manager and it’s a suite of products has been used by over a million online cash game and tournament players since first launched over 12 years ago and HM3 is the most powerful and eloquent version of Hold’em Manager that has ever been released. The HM3 heads-up display seamlessly overlays key opponent stats directly on all the tables you are playing while the state of the art query tools and built-in reports allow for post-session analysis of your results like never before. HM Apps further extend the capabilities of HM3 over time by allowing a marketplace of 3rd party developers to integrate additional features and tools directly into HM3. Whether you are a casual player or a professional, HM3 was designed and developed by poker players and for poker players with a simple goal of helping you improve your results through more informed decisions. The HM3 hand database is constantly updated as you play hands and we simultaneously overlay (directly on your tables) key database stats on your opponents. This overlay is known as the HM3 heads-up display (“HUD”). Select from several pre-configured HUDs or build your own from the 1000’s of stats in the HM3 database. After your sessions, review your results or further analyze the play of key opponents by selecting from standard reports or build custom reports. HM3’s report filtering capabilities for hands and situations is an industry-standard in its simple eloquence and amazing power.

The HM3 Heads Up Display (“HUD”)

The HM3 HUD overlays stats on how your opponents have played against you in previous games. This can be invaluable when making a big decision. The HUD is also overlaid when you use the HM3 hand replayer. HM3 is pre-configured with default layouts ranging from a simple Graphical HUD to advanced HUDs for both cash and tourney players. You can also build a custom HUD that incorporates any of the thousands of opponent stats tracked by HM3. Pop-up windows are also Integrated into the HM3 HUD. The pop-up windows allow you to drill down to an even more detailed level of stats associated with certain situations.

Live Play

The Live Play view provides several elements of key feedback while you are playing.
  1. Session graph and customizable Key Stats for your active session.
  2. Click on any hand in the right side view to replay it.
  3. Quickly mark any hand during your session to flag it for later review.
  4. See how you are performing on each individual table.

Post Game Analysis

HM3 boasts a powerful set of tools to review your game and identify leaks. Choose from over 25 default reports such as results By Position, By Session, By Stakes, By Stack Size or even an analysis of your results vs. particular opponents. Customize any report by selecting from several thousand stats which HM3 tracks. HM3 also introduces new Situational Views which combine several points of intuitive and visual feedback within a single situational dashboard. Read more about the new Situational Views below.

Situational Views

Key situations are presented as collections of several mini-views within a single dashboard. There are Situational Views for CBetting, 3-Betting, River-Play and Tournament-All Ins. Additional Situational Views will be released soon for SNG Bubble Play and Leakonomics.

More Visual & Powerful Hand Filtering

You are no longer limited to predetermined filter combinations from the filter editor. You can adjust every AND and OR operator between the filters and combine them for the most powerful filtering we have ever created. HM3 filters are also much quicker to navigate and explore with new graphic-based filtering elements.

Visual Opponent Feedback

The HM3 Graphical HUD is designed for those that value visual simplicity. The rings in this HUD give you a very simple yet effective visual snapshot on an opponent. The Green-Red ring represents players preflop activity. More of the Green-Red circle is completed for players that play more hands preflop (VPIP%). A higher percentage of the ring is red (instead of green) for players that raise more often preflop (PFR%). The inner Orange ring shows a player’s post-flop Aggression %. More aggressive players have a higher % of the orange ring completed. A blue line under every player’s name visually represents how large a hand sample you have for that player.

Hand Replayer

The HM3 Replayer updates up to 5x faster(*). New features in the HM3 replayer include: Stats exactly as seen at the time of play! New graphical pot size indicator for selecting hands within a session or sample. Multiple table themes and card decks. Option to show amounts in big blinds. (*) Based on test with villains with sample sizes above 20,000 hands.

Holdem Manager Apps

Extend the capabilities of HM3 with several add-on tools. With the release of HM3, 3rd party developers are able to integrate additional features and tools directly into HM3.Current HM3 Apps include:

TableNinja 2


Speed up your play with hotkeys to bet/call/fold, bet percentages of the pot, go all-in, and much more. TableNinja’s customizable hotkeys tie everything you do to your choice of mouse buttons, the scroll wheel, or any key on your keyboard. Navigate between tables, set aside important tables, join waitlists or close tables with a single keypress. TableNinja can also sit you out on the next big blind on all tables so even ending your session in one click. What about those little annoyances that get in the way of poker like seating, buy-in/waitlist popups and time bank management? TableNinja has your back and takes care of those automatically without you lifting a finger.

Automatic Bet sizing

TableNinja’s automatic bet sizing allows you to create preset bets that automatically enter bet amounts into the bet box when it is your turn to act at a table, without you needing to lift a finger. You can set your preset bet amounts to be a percentage of the pot, a specific number of big blinds or a combination of both. Each bet size can apply to a specific street i.e. Preflop, Flop, Turn and River. For example, your preset bet sizes can be 2.5bb Preflop, 70% of the pot on the flop, 60% of the pot on the turn and 50% of the pot on the river. You can also create custom betting hotkeys with varying bet amounts for specific situations, such as an all-in hotkey or a hotkey with specific bet sizes for blind vs blind play.

Custom Table Layouts/Stacking

Let TableNinja II streamline your poker experience by placing tables exactly where you want them right when they are opened.
  1. Tile Tables and you’ll be able to see every inch of every poker table.
  2. Stack Tables and tables requiring action will always come to the top of the stack.
  3. Ninja Tile Tables mixes tiled and stacked tables together.
  4. Cascade Tables and you’ll see every single title bar along with the table on the top.

Overlay HUD with realtime data

Table Ninja’s HUD provides you with customizable real-time multi-tabling stats such as:
  1. Your stack size in BBs
  2. Harrington’s M value
  3. Number of tables that are awaiting action
  4. Number of seconds since it became your turn
  5. A unique number assigned to each table
  6. The number of the next table awaiting your action
  7. You can customize the color, size and position of all TableNinja HUD stats.

Automatically register for SitNGos

TableNinja’s SNG Sensei eliminates the painful repetitive task of registering for tournaments and frees you up to concentrate on playing your best poker. TableNinja lets you specify what types of SnGs you want to play and how long you want to play for. All you need to do is click start and SnG Sensei will take care of everything else from registering you for tournaments and handling popups to closing finished tournaments and automatically registering for new ones to replace them. With SnG Sensei all that’s left for you to do is win.(Note: SNG Sensei is only available on PokerStars but it also supports Spin & Go’s).

Notecaddy (coming soon)

which takes notes for you. Not just any notes, relevant notes based on actual hands. NoteCaddy reads hand histories, understands what happens, and takes notes on behaviours that are significant.

Hand Grabbers

which allow for the auto-import of real-time hand histories are not otherwise available from these poker sites. HM3 offers a hand grabber for Ignition, Bovada and Bodog.


This HM hand grabber allows for the auto-import of Ignition, Bovada and Bodog NLH and PLO cash, tournament and SNG hands into your HM3 database. Real-time hand histories are not otherwise available from these poker sites. NLH and PLO cash, tournament and SNG hands are imported using this hand grabber enable a full HM Session HUD (excluding Zone Poker tables) on Ignition, Bovada, and Bodog and full reports/analytics support on these sites. This HM Hand Grabber is fully integrated into HM and does not require the launch of a separate program. The Ignition/Bovada/Bogod Hand Grabber is currently free while it remains in beta.

Holdem Manager Supported Sites & Languages

HM3 supports more than 12 major poker networks including Poker Stars, Party Poker, Microgaming, Ipoker, Merge Network, Pacific/888, Boss Network, Winning Poker Network, Peoples Poker, Winamax, Bovada/Ignition/Bodog, PPPoker and the Poker Kingdom. HM3 is also supported in 14 popular languages, truly making HM3 a global choice for poker players. HM3 versions are available for the following languages: Chinese, English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovenian & Japanese. HM3 comes with a lifetime license and a year’s worth of updates and innovations at no charge.
Holdem Manager - Online Poker Player Stats Tracking , HUDHoldem Manager - Online Poker Player Stats Tracking , HUD